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70 days. That is how long it's been since I've posted on this blog. I've been busy elsewhere,  not least over on my tumblr blog 'Less Is'. But for Mr Clouston I have a music post for you, a set including some of my newest finds, all hopefully leading to a relaxing and hopeful weekend, bring on the sunshine.

I haven't got much time at the moment, lots to do! so here is a very quick post, featuring some of my latest and greatest Instagram photos.

Username : MrClouston 

I think it's fair to say that my taste in music is eclectic, why only today I was listening to Deftones (an alternative rock band) A collection of deep house tracks of which the artists names I could not tell you, as well as some acoustic songs by Roo Panes and Lucy Rose. I think the reason for this broad taste is that it's very rare to find me Not playing music, so I need the diversity to stop me from going insane. This evening is a lost cause for my University work, my eyes are tired and my head is heavy, all that will send me off now is a bit of Frank Sinatra (another for the list) below I've linked a few of my new favourites including 'Soliloquy' and 'Blues In The Night'

It's been an amazing week for British menswear.

I will write more on this post but for now just look at this incredible show from Mr Hare.

I am posting this because I'm on a break from my uni work, sometimes it's good to take a step away from it, so that when you return you have fresh eyes to view what you have done. So what better way to look at some of the lovely images I've posted on my Tumblr recently? There is something connecting each image, I'm not sure how obvious it is to someone who didn't go through the process I did, I would love to know if you can spot them?

Here are some more of my grandfathers beautiful photographs, I'm doing work for my University degree at the moment and these are a huge inspiration for me. I love these photographs, especially the image where you can see my dad's uncle Brian in his roll neck knitwear and sailors waders. The image of a man in the cabin is particularly stunning, it almost looks like a painting, the images were taken in the 1970's on a loch in Scotland, which one I am not sure.

These images are strictly for personal use, please do not use these images unless you contact me first... 

It's been a severely long time since I posted anything 'womenswear' on here, to start the new year off with hopefully more womens stuff to come, I've done my 'best of' todays picks from the net. Two brands I love and one I've just discovered. Hope you enjoy

The knitwear is from COS and can be found here
The shoes are from ACNE and can be found here 
The bag is by a brand called ANVE and can be found here

Roo Panes - Know Me Well "Hope you enjoy"
Yesterday I bought the latest copy of Elle Decoration, a magazine I have loved for a long time but never really bought, I just used to glance through the pictures whilst in the supermarket. The January edition is beautiful, pretty is probably the most appropriate word. One page in particular I found to be the main inspiration for this post. entitled 'Winter Warmth' the page explores different textures, patterns, colours and gradients by simply laying different materials down in an interesting composition. The inspiration for that collage is a surreal image of a tree in a field of white snow... the caption reads as

'Embrace winter's purity with this contemporary palette of chalky whites, soft pinks and pebble greys. This delicate theme is simple but rich in texture, clean but not cold."